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Finally SaferVPN Review Revealed!

Since the internet’s inception back in the 80’s people have been searching for a way to surf the net with privacy and data intact and out of the way of pesky hackers or third party busy bodies who gather your private personal information and fill your email with unwanted spam Fast forward to today where people are not only looking for safe have from hackers, or snooper, identity thieves they need protection from nosy governments. Well look no further!  Your search for total internet privacy is over. The solution is here and ready for the taking. Safervpn is the new wave of the future. More and more people are using it each day as they discover how essential this service is and how it benefits their lives online and offline. Imagine you are in a country which has strict internet laws attempting to control what you see or don’t see. It doesn’t matter with Safervpn because with Safervpn you are cloaked. Yes...Cloaked. No one can see you; your internet footprint cannot be seen at all.  Privacy is important to everyone... Unfortunately slowly but surely the world we live in has us grasping for privacy like a life raft. safervpn reviewed, review of safervpn, discount safer vpn ü  Preserve your anonymity each time you browse the net ü  You cannot be tracked by anyone ü  Identity and data completely safe and secure   A stolen Identity is a powerful Cloak of anonymity for criminals and terrorists.  Hackers and Identity thieves are a threat not only to you personally but they affect all global security. Could you imagine waking up one morning and being cleaned out? That would be Horrible! Your credit, Debit, checking/savings account are all vulnerable to attacks due to hackers. If your children have access to the internet they are exposed as well. Having them cloaked while they surf is beneficial because children and the elderly are the most preyed upon when identity thieves are on the prowl. Safervpn gives you the power to protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Never worry again about identity thieves and hackers stealing your personal information. Safervpn exceeds the level of sophistication needed to eliminate the threat of these thieves who want to take your personal information and basically write a blank check with YOUR money, with YOUR information.

Unlimited TV

Got a favorite show you wanna see but; keep missing it? Or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of watching regular TV with all the commercials and annoying advertisements? Don’t ever miss your favorite shows again! You can catch the shows you love without fail ANYTIME you want.  
  • Vimeo
  • Hulu
  • BBC
  • Skype
  Over 100 dedicated servers over 18 locations. So the access is pretty fluid. No slow down’s or disconnects. Safe for your system. You will love this service. Its revolutionary There is nothing like Safervpn out there. Innovation at its finest, secure, safe, reliable.

Social media is your oyster with Safervpn

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Word Press
  4. Blogger
  Oh! And Safervpn just added two more global locations to their roster of places you can access Safervpn. Pretty soon it’s going to be on every continent; every country, city, and town so Get ready. Jump on the Bandwagon. This great service has been a long time coming.   ü  Israel ü  France ü  Sweden   When using Safervpn you are virtually invisible online. Supports windows, Mac, iOS and android. The fact Safervpn so versatile and accessible is a major plus.

You can choose from:

1.) Single (1 connection) 2.) Multiple (3 connections) 3.) Small business ( 7 connections) From a technical standpoint Safervpn supports cutting edge VPN protocols. First; there are no Bandwidth limits. There is no monthly allotment for bandwidth. Unlimited means unlimited when dealing with Safervpn.
  1. OpenVPN
  2. L2TP
  3. PPTP
  4. Safervpn’s own proprietary protocols
windows safer vpn app, windows vpn safervpn, safervpn application Use this service on any electronic device that supports VPN, PPTP, or L2TP. This included Iphones, Ipads, blackberry, and android devices. Safervpn doesn’t affect your device’s performance. You can surf as you normally would with no issue not problem.  Should you run into a glitch or don’t quite understand something; SaferVpn Live chat is waiting for you and ready to take care of everything you may need. Upon signing up don’t forget about the 24 hour free trial offer Safervpn is offering right now where you get to explore all of Safervpn, once you do. You will choose the right plan for you and utilize this service. Most definitely you can tell all your friends about this terrific and fantastic service! Love it! SOLD! Visit SaferVPN not just for your own Sake but for better Internet security Worldwide.

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