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The HotSpot Shield VPN service is developed by AnchorFree, a new company that is already emerging from the shadows of the big players. Hotspot Shield has been built to provide the more casual VPN user with an easy, go-to solution for accessing restricted content in blissful privacy. The always-on open network protection and geo-unblocking means all the user needs to do is, enjoy. The straightforward nature of this VPN means it’s more accessible to the novice user. All the VPN jargon and complex information are hidden away backstage so the user gets a no-fuss experience. HotSpot Shield does have a plan that’s free to use, but you’ll want to opt for the premium plan if you want a little more flexibility and oomph. Overall, this VPN service covers all the most important needs of the user who’s after improved internet privacy. Free and premium services available Wide device support – including Android & iOS apps Great speeds & unmetered bandwidth Malware protection Features The HotSpot Shield VPN is packed with features that really sell the service, it comes equipped with the bare essentials and more. Free subscribers will get a trimmed down array of features while the premium plan offers the full shebang. Use across multiple devices This should benefit anyone who wants to use the VPN on all their devices. You can enjoy a more secure internet experience on up to five different devices simultaneously, all under one HotSpot Shield account – perfect if you’re in a large household. Unmetered bandwidth It’s vital to have a solid bandwidth performance as this is will impact streaming and downloading speeds. All of HotSpot Shield’s VPN packages comes with completely unmetered bandwidth so you needn’t worry about caps. No data logging Data logging can seem very intrusive and worrisome. Knowing that your VPN provider has all of your details and activities on file certainly negates one of the main reasons for using a VPN in the first place. HotSpot Shield only maintain records of your IP address to help with tech support issues. It does not log any files on the user’s activity, ensuring your browsing is truly anonymous. What’s more, you can set up an account without inputting all your personal information. Privacy and Security - Top 5 VPN Review Privacy and Security With every VPN you expect excellent security measures, and HotSpot Shield doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the user’s online security and privacy. This VPN provider uses an advanced OpenVPN with 256-bit AES encryption. This is a high level of security that keeps “the man” at bay. Users can enjoy the freedom to explore unrestricted sites in all their glory without worrying who is watching. HotSpot Shield always ensures that no logs are kept when it comes to web use. As the company owns its personal VPN server infrastructure, they can guarantee users 100% privacy and security as they do not need to rely on third-parties. Users will be satisfied with the level of online safety that HotSpot Shield has put in place to allow them to access content with complete and reliable privacy. Pricing - Top 5 VPN Review Pricing Customers can enjoy the HotSpot Shield VPN service for free, but this will only enable access to the US servers. It will also prevent users from gaining access to some of the most popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. And as expected, it will be riddled with advertisements. The ads are removed when you opt for the Elite option, and you’ll also get a faster service and 24/7 support. It comes at a very reasonable price too, you can get the whole package for a very competitive $29.95 (annual subscription). If you don’t want to commit to a full year then you can also opt for a 6-month subscription at $19.99. If you’re sitting on the fence about committing to the idea of a full year, you can play with a free seven-day trial of the Elite service. There’s plenty of ways to pay including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal or Mopay. Speed - Top 5 VPN Review Speed If you consume a lot of online media, it’s important to have a consistent speed performance. Every VPN claims to be fast and, to be fair, most are. But fast is no good without reliability. On top of HotSpot Shield’s undeniably fast connection, it utilises an ‘always-on’ policy which treats a disconnection from the VPN as a temporary event. We found that under most circumstances HotSpot Shield can handle heavy downloading tasks and will make light work of any demanding streaming services. Ease of use - Top 5 VPN Review Ease of Use It keeps things simple with an elegant, well-presented interface that ensures a simple setup process. Users will be able to get the VPN up and running in moments. All the servers are laid out nicely for easy selection. HotSpot Shield keeps all the techy stuff out of sight, making standard usage as pleasant as can be. It encourages those who don’t hold much VPN knowledge to trust and invest in a VPN service. Overall, it couldn’t be easier to use. Customer Support - Top 5 VPN Review Customer Support HotSpot Shield’s first point of call for support is the searchable knowledge base that’s found by clicking the ‘Support’ link on the home page. This displays a list of questions and guides, with the option for users to submit a question to support or on the forum. If you have the Elite version of the VPN then you get 24/7 support that includes live chat (English only). HotSpot Shield can also be contacted online via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Verdict - Top 5 VPN Review Verdict HotSpot Shield does its job very well. It offers a fast, easy and well-priced VPN service to those who want a fuss-free solution. It connects quickly, has a no-nonsense interface that keeps the technical stuff to a minimum, and offers great reliability. Despite its simplicity it has all the features necessary to enjoy a secure online environment without compromising on speed or performance. It gives the users everything they need in a neat little package. In short, it does a great job for a low price. Share Your View - Top 5 VPN Sites Share Your View We made every effort to ensure that this review was accurate and fair, but we’re only human. If you think we’ve got something wrong, or that the review does not reflect your own experiences with the product, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below, send us an email, or write your own review in the Customer Reviews section.

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