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The two things that Express VPN can boast about is its security features and user-friendliness. Express VPN is one of the top most providers as it offers unbeatable speeds, numerous servers and flawless interfaces with all of its apps.

Pricing & Plans

Like many other VPN providers, Express VPN also has three different package proposals to choose from. The service you get from each is the same, however if you choose a longer period package then you become eligible for a greater discount. Therefore if you have long term usage in mind, then the 1 year plan suits you perfectly. Nonetheless, if you still believe that you have selected the wrong package for you, then you can avail the 30-day money back guarantee.    Express VPN Pricing Plans  

Video Review

If you are interested in learning how Express VPN works then go through this review that we have created for you:


ExpressVPN provides the same security protocols as many other providers out there that you have tried so far, having a long list of servers. To be exact, ExpressVPN is offering 50servers in 39 countries. What makes ExpressVPN different from others is the way they have streamlined their software and have dedicated their efforts to make it easier for the users. Their official website and mobile apps are a proof of their service optimization. Another stand out feature is that you can set it up on multiple devices unlike other providers which limit you to two connections only.

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Security & Privacy

Let’s talk about their security settings now. ExpressVPN makes use of 256bit security and their standard protocol is OpenVPN. Their bandwidth is exceptional; however if you are still after faster speeds then you can use L2TP and PPTP with it as well. This is also applicable for the mobile apps. Because the company is based in the US, it is subjected to certain US Data Retention Laws which pose only minimal security and privacy risk. You will find that their log-in requirement is also fairly simple and does not require unnecessary information from the user. The only details that are logged are your login IP, the bandwidth that is transferred and the access times.

The website

Go the official website of ExpressVPN and the one thing that becomes instantly noticeable is its clean layout. Unlike other websites, their page is not unnecessarily clustered with information that you don’t need. It is entirely user-friendly and navigation becomes completely simple.   Express VPN  


There are many providers out there which claim a 24-hour customer support program. However, ExpressVPN is the only provider that provides it for complete 7 days of the week. What’s more is that their website clearly details the step-by-step method of setting up their software by using clear screenshots of every step. We have had quite a few pleasant interactions with their customer support service ourselves and they have proved to be quite helpful each time. they are always able to reply quickly and that too with expertise. The chats are logged but that is only to provide better assistance in the future.     Express VPN Support Page


The Process of Signing Up

Like many other things, signing up is also really simple with ExpressVPN. The only requirement of a quick signup is your email address and a dependable payment method. After completing this procedure, a confirmation email will be sent your email address from where you will be directed to their software download page.  

The Windows VPN client

The downloading and installation of their software is also a simple procedure. The one thing that you will find different is that you will be asked to copy and paste a verification code that you will be provided with to complete the installation instead of asking for your account details. The home screen of the website is designed simply yet meets all requirements of even the most obtuse user. For example, the selection between the different servers and the best connections is also provided on the home page. The connection only takes a few seconds to get established.  Moving on to the settings page, you will find a lot of options there as well. for example, OpenVPN is the default setting. If you wish to change to a slightly enhanced performance, which might compromise the security of browsing, you can change the protocol. You can run a speed test on it as well, which is done best externally. The advantage of going withOpenVPN is that you have the option of selecting between TCP and UDP which allows you to escape the problems caused by firewalls/ports.  You will have no problem with this provider and its software as it delivers what is required from it. The one thing lacking is perhaps the advanced settings which is available with some of the other providers.   Express VPN Sign Up  

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

The speed tests have been upto mark. You can look at the table below and see for yourself that the IP tests were correct as well. We also performed some DNS leak tests and we ended up getting some USA servers in our results as well. This was perhaps because of the Google DNS. Our own DNS/IP was not obvious so that was okay as well.

Other Platforms

Express VPN has developed apps for desktop, tablets and cell phones. This way the user can connect to the VPN through different mediums at the same time. for even more connections, the user has to pay an extra payment every month.

Android App

The android app of Express VPN was something that we really liked. In fact it worked just as good as that of Windows. For an Android device, the user can either download the app through the Websiite or access it via Android Playstore. If the user needs to connect on the desktop, then he will have to visit the website. There, he would be given a password. The password will help in navigate into the settings where he can choose one out of the different protocols. With Express VPN, it is possible for the user to set up the protocols manually but this provision is only for the local clients and gives the user a choice of less than 10 countries. If the user needs more information on how manual set up is done, then he can take a look at our Top 5 Android post.   Express vpn location section Android

We have performed a speed test of each of the different VPNs using their Android and PC clients. Below you can see the speed test results of both of these clients for ExpressVPN. The results are quite comparable which means that the app works just as fine as the desktop client. 


Good Points

  • The user will have no difficulty in setting up the software on Android and windows.
  • The setting up instructions for both these devices are clear, to the point and quite simple.
  • The user gets registered quite easily.
  • The user can avail the 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The default setting for protocol is OpenVPN

Doubtful Features

  • ExpressVPN is not all that affordable
  • The user needs different log-in codes for each attempt

Negative Points

  • ExpressVPN keeps access times logs.
ExpressVPN is the costlier service out there but that is only because they are managing to provide a great service with exceptional speeds. They have VPN clients for both windows and Android and they are also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to the users. 

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