How to unblock Facebook in China

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Most travelers to China would agree that to access Facebook, or, for that matter any of the social websites like twitter, Google+ and YouTube are blocked by the great firewall of china, this block also includes a number of news outlets; technology however has a way to get around such actions of the state. The ideal way to access face book and keep communicating with your loved ones back home is through solve china vpn for face book, best vpn for china face book, vpn review china.

Unblocking Facebook

Methods For Unblocking Facebook

There are three suggested methods on how to unblock Facebook in china free trial, china ip vpn service, while you are travelling in China; the first method is through the use of VPN service, second by using a Proxy, and third by using Tor. We however recommend that you use the services of Chinese vpn iphone, android vpn client china face book as it is safe, reliable, stable and highly anonymous while you surf the web. The VPN, or, in other words ‘virtual private network’ is basically an encrypted connection to a remote server located outside of the country from where you are currently located and enables you to have unrestricted access to internet sites as it circumnavigates the restricted firewalls

of sites on the internet such as Skype and many other others, which otherwise would have been restricted by the firewall put up by the host country. Before signing up for a vpn service provider read reviews about

which vpn is the best for china and

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its effectiveness, since the great firewall of china keeps regularly updating its servers and effectively blocks a number of such vpn services.

Before one leaves for china downloading and installing your VPN software in your computer is advisable, as it makes it easier for you to communicate with support services in case of any problems with connections while you are in china. Once connected to your VPN you are able to access Face book and all those blocked sites that previously were inaccessible due to the firewall restrictions of the Chinese government.

Best VPN So Far!

We strongly prefer Vypr VPN a Switzerland based company that boasts of 200,000 IP addresses, 700+ servers worldwide located in 36 countries, they are very fast, stable and reliable, and specifically for china they have servers located in Hong Kong. Very recently they launched an innovation called chameleon that is highly effective in masking internet traffic through various means that ensures detecting the use of VPN very difficult and is an effective counter for the great firewall of china. This service provides unlimited VPN location switching’s which makes it a highly user friendly one to rely upon while in china and acts as an effective solution for circumventing the firewall of china whose system servers get a message that

you are surfing from another country; the Chameleon is indeed what its name suggests as it is able to effectively mask itself and escape detection.

Top 5 best VPN for

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