WASEL Pro cheap VPN Proxy is the best solution to mask your real IP address, bypass web firewalls, and unblock banned websites anywhere. WASEL Pro cheap VPN Proxy does not only mask your IP address but also codes all the traffic sent via VPN tunnel. WASEL Pro cheap VPN proxy allows creating special secured channel in your general network connection to make your IP address invisible.

If you use WASEL Pro cheap VPN proxy tool, all your programs, browsers and applications go through VPN tunnel.

Cheap VPN Proxy

Cheap VPN Proxy

WASEL Pro cheap VPN Proxy can be used on any operating system or any including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux and any device that supports VPN technology.

WASEL Pro cheap VPN Proxy gives you American and European IP addresses, with the ability to instantly switch between them. Once the connection to the VPN is established, all sites will see you as if you’re originating from one of these countries. Websites that block their content outside America, such as Hulu plus, will consider you to be located in the U.S. and allow you to access.

VoIP apps such as Skype or Viber that are blocked in certain countries and workplaces will function like they are supposed to when you use WASEL Pro cheap VPN Proxy.

WASEL Pro cheap VPN Proxy protects you while at home and when you travel. All of your data, including websites, Email, instant messenger and more are securely passed through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

No need to worry, no setups, no complicated configuration and no slower connection with WASEL Pro cheap VPN Proxy. Just download the app on your system, install it, choose the server and connect.